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The purpose of Science exhibitions is to develop scientific attitude in the young generation of our country to make them realize the interdependence of science, technology and society and the responsibility of the scientists of tomorrow. These objectives may be achieved by presenting the exhibits as an exciting experience of creativity of children, innovations through improvisations of science kits, and various devices and models for providing solutions to many present and future socio-economic problems particularly those confronted in the rural areas, using available materials and local resources..


  • promoting interest in Science and Technology among younger generation.
  • encouraging scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.
  • providing exploratory experiences, encouraging creative thinking and promoting psycho-motor skills among school students through self designed models or simple apparatus.
  • encouraging problem solving approach and developing appropriate technologies, especially for rural areas and integrating scientific ideas with daily life situations.
  • Popularising Science and technology among masses and creating an awareness regarding its impact on socio-economic and sustainable development of the country.

2.  Same day Fate was organized for students and Parents for refreshment and aware them how to get profit

     after a hard labour and effort.


3. Children’s shows their creativeness through Art & Craft Exhibition.         


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